With an increase in the focus on different mental illnesses throughout the world, several studies are widely being conducted for the better understanding of mental problems and for coming up with the right treatment measures. Studies in this field have revealed that there are many people who suffer from mental health problems throughout the world. Mental problems are characterised by changes in behaviour, thought and mood. Such

problems can make it very difficult for people to carry on with their regular activities. They can also impair an individual’s ability to work, interacting with friends and family and fulfilling major functions of life. Here, we will have a look at some of the most common mental issues that the procedures used for treating such problems.

Common Mental Illnesses

There are different mental illnesses that occur commonly in people and these include Alzheimer’s, autism, anxiety and depression.

  • Autism is a range of different conditions characterised by great challenges with social skills, nonverbal communication, speech, repetitive behaviours and unique differences and strengths. There are different types of autism caused by a combination of environmental and genetic influences.
  • Another mental illness is depression which is a common and also a serious mood disorder. While every individual feels moody, low and sad for some time, there are people who experience such feelings intensely for a very long span of time. Sometimes, there is no apparent reason behind people experiencing such feelings. Symptoms of depression include difficulty handling regular activities like working, sleeping and talking and change in thought procedure.
  • Anxiety is another serious mental illness which is common in people. Feeling nervous before an exam or when facing certain work or financial problems is quite common in people. But such feelings must disappear rapidly and they must not linger around for a long time. If at all, these feelings do not disappear, it is time for you to take some help.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is considered one of the most common causes of dementia. It is a progressive mental illness resulting in the deterioration of the brain cells. This makes an individual lose the ability to perform regular activities.

From the above illustration of different mental illnesses, it can rightly be concluded that most mental problems are more or less the same in nature. Therefore, the treatments used for these conditions are also the same. We will have a look at them below: